Our Fund

“Crypto is a little over half a trillion, borderless, with 195 countries and billions of people wanting in on the action. We think this thing has the potential to be the biggest speculative bull market in the history of mankind. It could go to 50 or 70 trillion before it pops. Its also not just a bubble, its a technological adoption rate. It might not ever pop like we think it is because one day we wake up and everyones using it, like the internet, email, smartphones, like all technology.” – Merx Capital

Investment Pillars

  1. Technical or cryptography
    The science and algorithms that are behind the data auto-certification.
  2. Legal
    The legal framework that allows to relay on data.
  3. Organisation
    How the data is structured and who is responsible for adding, block chaining and verifying the data?
  4. Business
    The opportunities and advantages inherent in redesigned business processes.

Sustainability and Responsibility

“Socially responsible investing” is one of several related concepts and approaches that influence and, in some cases govern, how asset managers invest portfolios. The term “socially responsible investing” sometimes narrowly refers to practices that seek to avoid harm by screening companies included in an investment portfolio. However, the term is also used more broadly to include more proactive practices such as impact investing, shareholder advocacy and community investing. At Merx Capital, sustainable investing means we invest in companies that build on blockchain technology as well in the coins. Hence increasing the blockchain footprint on the world and increasing it’s value and potential for social good.